Jean-Louis Rey




Trained in the leading healing disciplines of the Quantum Medicine such as Bioresonance, Vibroacoustic Therapy, and Scalar Waves Scanning; Vibromundi offers a wide range of methods for reaching your overall wellbeing. Complementary healing arts such as Radiesthesia, Chromotherapy, and Lithotherapy are integrated in a personalized approach on the cause of your imbalance, facilitating a profound dialogue between your own essential-self and the aspect of that self- embodied here in you. This talk brings awareness and clarity on the reasons of the imbalance and expedites your moving forward into your best- embodied being. A world of miracles opens when the disturbance and nuisance are healed. At Vibromundi, skills and knowledge are customized depending on your needs to set the most effective path of action, granting the amelioration of your imbalance or the achievement of your essential-self's goals.  
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