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You   are   not   another   human   body   to   be   “fixed”.   You   are   unique.   Your   needs   are   particular   to   you. Your health transcends your physical body. It  also includes the health of your subtle bodies. The   technology   that   I   am   using   is,   avant   garde   and   most   importantly,   it   is   not   invasive.   This makes an energy check up easier and fun for any age patient, including children and teens.


Energy   Reconfiguration   is   a   holistic   healing   approach   based   on   the   natural   energy   structures   of the   full   human   body   including   its   dense   and   subtle   aspects.   The   body   loses   its   ability   to   recover its    balance    properly    due    to    stress,    electromagnetic    pollution,    poor    nutrition,    environmental anomalies   and   geopathies,   psychic   attack,   relocation,   and   physical   and   post-surgery   trauma. Energy   Reconfiguration   focuses   on   the   correction   of   the   body’s   energy   structures   (chakras, energy or subtle bodies, and nadis) for supporting the overall health.


This   avant-garde   method   for   energy   rebalancing   detects   and   uses   the   information   carried   through diverse    electromagnetic    frequencies    produced    by    your    body    cells    and    organs.    The    word “resonate”    means    “to    vibrate    in    harmony”.    The    Bioresonance    Scanning    process    reads    the frequencies   of   your   body   and   generates   an   image   representing   them.   This   process   is   performed manually to better understand the cause of the imbalance and its purpose.


Vibroacoustic   Therapy   is   a   recently   recognized   technology   that   uses   sound   in   the   audible   range to   produce   computer   generated   mechanical   vibrations   that   are   applied   directly   to   the   body. This   is a very effective technology for managing neurological problems, including pain and stroke.


There    are    several    types    of    light    that    we    can    narrow    down    to    two    big    categories,    the electromagnetic   and   the   scalar   waves.      Scalar   waves   are   also   called   Tesla   Waves   or   longitudinal waves.   A   scalar-wave   scanner   can   be   used   to   read   all   the   frequencies   emitted   by   any   alive organism.   After    the    scanning    process    is    concluded,    it    is    possible    to    determine    your    health conditions.   The   scalar   wave   generator   projects   corrective   energy   patterns   to   any   organism   or system that needs to be rebalanced or reconfigured.


The   planet   and   all   of   us   are   one   single   organism.   The   imbalance   of   the   planet   is   your   own. Becoming   sustainable   for   the   planet   benefits   Earth   and   heals   you.   What   you   eat   reflects   your understanding   of   the   interconnectedness   of   all   life.   The   way   you   manage   your   waste   reflects   your care   for   yourself   and   for   others.   A   sustainable   living   keeps   your   balance   ongoing   and   improves the lives of others.


The    BETAR®    focused    vibroacoustic    sound    therapy    deliver    the    ultimate    deep    relaxation experience    by    combining    the    power    of    a    total-body    sonic    energy    massage,    soothing    low- frequency   sound   and   magnetic   waves,   and   the   healing   power   of   your   favorite   music.   Other benefits include stress reduction, pain release and personal balance.


Sound    has    long    been    known    to    be    a    potent    source    of    healing    therapy.   The    use    of    sound frequencies   is   now   recognized   as   being   an   extremely   efficient   healing   modality.   Sound   is   used   in a   wide   range   of   applications   within   the   fields   of   conventional   and   complementary   medicine. Tuning   forks   are   a   fundamental   tool   for   creating   precision   frequencies   necessary   for   restoring body balance. LITHOTHERAPY AND CRYSTALS Lithotherapy   is   the   use   of   gemstones   and   minerals   for   healing.   Gemstones   are   believed   to   collect information   from   Earth.   They   are   formed   by   natural   heat   and   pressure   due   to   volcanic   action. Each   gemstone   and   crystal   vibrates   with   a   specific   frequency.   Those   frequencies   have   the   power to   convey   information   to   a   body.   Crystal   healing,   through   the   art   of   laying   on   stones   is   one   of   the most   advanced   and   effective   methods   of   clearing   the   aura,   releasing   suppressed   traumas,   and connecting a person with his/her own source of truth and power.


Geopathies   occur   when   the   energy   fields   from   Earth   become   distorted   by   underground   streams and   other   geological   features,   creating   zones   of   disturbed   and   unhealthy   energy..   We   make available   to   you   tools   that   can   neutralize   geophaties   affecting   your   body,   your   home,   or   any   space and able to magnify positive responses.


Color   is   a   form   of   electromagnetic   energy   visible   light.   Each   primary   color   reflected   in   the   rainbow carries its own unique healing properties.
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